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Kamali Care
helps you find

your best way
forward with
breast cancer  

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely been

diagnosed with breast cancer. 

A diagnosis of cancer can rock you to the core.

I know, because it happened to me when I was 38 years old. 

Scroll down learn how I survived and thrived.

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How did I get through it?

It was the little things my three younger sisters and I did that helped us. You see, we are all cancer survivors.

But let me introduce you—Melissa is an artist in Australia, diagnosed with breast cancer at 46. Frances is a choreographer and entrepreneur living in South Africa and the U.S., diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 26 and breast cancer at 50. Josephine is a midwife and nurse in South Africa, diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 31.


Of course, there were obstacles as we struggled to reclaim our lives. For instance, communication was challenging because we lived on 3 continents when there were no cell phones, Internet, social media, or support groups. With no roadmap, we made do with snail mail, infrequent and costly phone calls, and random visits from family and friends and friends of friends. Acting as couriers, they hand-delivered precious packages filled with small gifts and loving messages that all said in different ways: “Hang in there!”

What You Need To Know

Taking even the smallest action can help you get started on a journey that's both rewarding and healing


Tailored for Breast Cancer Survivors

What you need to know

  • Kamali Care Essential has 5 booklets of information, tattoos, and a mandala to color

  • Kamali Care eXtra has 5 booklets of information, tattoos, a mandala to color, pencil colors, sunflower seeds, and a bamboo cap to wear during treatment


Both packages are ideal when a diagnosis overwhelms.


Get, or give, the gift of self-advocacy and what is most needed in a health crisis—reliable and inspiring information!

Helping Healthcare Providers Help Patients

Information is an empowering gift for your patients

The Kamali CareBox contains 8 Kamali Care Essential packages with

  • Close to 95 practical healing tips

  • Helpful Web addresses

  • Anecdotes from more than 100 (!) years of collective survivorship knowledge


This empowering information augments your own expertise, providing actionable information for your patients.

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Need to build your confidence for the journey ahead?

Take a deep breath and know you’re not alone. If you (or someone you love) is dealing with breast cancer, there are many things you can do.


Kamali One-on-One can help answer pertinent questions so that you arrive at the right decisions, and above all, how to build confidence to feel more in charge of treatment and healing regimens.

Image by Ashley Batz
What People Are Saying

Read these words of encouragement from people who know Louise and her sisters and know what they have been through

"Louise tried everything she could to get back her health. Her determination was inspiring. When I saw how acupuncture helped her I tried it too. It has brought me to a place of wellness I never experienced before and I still see a practitioner regularly."

Suzanne, Maryland


"I've known Louise and the Becker sisters for over 20 years. They were role models for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I'm so grateful for their vast knowledge and experiences that continue to help me."

Beth, New York


"As a long term survivor of breast cancer, I wish I’d had Kamali Care at my fingertips in those early days. Louise Becker takes you through a myriad of facts, feelings, and decisions to be made in a kind, empathic, and organized way.  She structures information so it makes sense, and her “hands on” boxes lend a playful quality to serious business.  Thank you Kamali Care!"

Polly, New York


"Louise counseled me recently when I had to have a breast ultrasound for a lump I had found. As an ovarian cancer survivor, I was very alarmed. My friends told me not to worry, but they really didn’t help because they were not speaking from experience. Louise, on the other hand, though she is not a doctor, has both personal and professional experience with breast cancer and as a patient advocate. She is also naturally very empathetic. Louise rationally talked me through what was going on, and calmed me down. Thankfully, the test came back fine, and though it was nerve-wracking, Louise made those days preceding it much easier for me!

Cathy, New Jersey



Get in touch to book a One-to-One Coaching Session, or leave me a message about what's on your mind, and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reaching out!

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