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How Kamali Care Can Help

Let’s Work Together

You may never know how or why you got breast cancer---it could be a mix of environmental chemicals and pollutants, overhead electric wires, genetics, and lifestyle factors.

You think, perhaps it's simply bad karma?  Or a way to learn a spiritual lesson?

But the bottom line is: It happened. And now you you need to deal with it.

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A Bridge to Wellness

Let's cut through the glut of Internet Information

Kamali Care helps you cut through the glut of information on the Internet, so you are not derailed or overwhelmed. It helps you get up to speed with cancer jargon so you feel more comfortable discussing treatment choices and being your own advocate. Representing more than 100 (!) years of the survivorship journey of 4 sisters, Kamali Care is chock-full of practical tips, personal anecdotes, and reliable information.

You could also see Kamali Care as a Bridge to Wellness, working in tandem with your oncology team. But above all, it is about hope—that intangible ingredient that Emily Dickinson’s poem reminds us of:

                         “That little thing with feathers

                          That perches in the soul

                          And sings the tune without the words

                          And never stops at all.”

Healing Tips

Practical and personal

Close to 95 Healing Tips can help you prepare emotionally for your treatment, and perhaps take your anxiety down a notch or two.

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The Booklets

Five booklets with practical tips, personal anecdotes, and reliable information

  • Connecting to Others helps you set up your support system and find the right coping resources

  • Unwinding introduces meditation, guided imagery, and, among other things, ways in which game shows and laughter can help

  • Eating for Resilience provides lists of foods that nourish, foods to avoid, and ways for friends to help 

  • Keeping it Physical presents various activities such as a walking regimen, the benefits of yoga and tai chi, plus ways to cope when energy is limited

  • Wellness Matters reviews complementary alternative medicine and what worked for my sisters and me


Please do keep checking back with us as we add more information to Kamali Care. Believe, as we did, in beating the odds. Go well, be well!

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